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Social Skills Groups:

Age or Grade     of Group             

Group FocusTherapistDays/Times
Elementary 5-7 year oldsSocial skill development

Lauren Cardone, LCSW

Every other Monday at 4pm

Flier: social skills flyer.doc

Elementary 8-10 year oldsSocial skill developmentLauren Cardone, LCSW

2 groups (every other Monday and every other Wednesday at 4pm)

Flier: social skills flyer.doc

Middle Elementary YearsSocial skill development

Dan Weiner, LPC

Every other Wednesday at 5pm
Middle School YearsSocial skill development

Dan Weiner, LPC

Every other Monday at 5pm
Middle School Boys
Social skill development (anxiety/social skills)

Chris Holley, LCSW

Every other Tuesday 
High School BoysSocial skill development (lower functioning)

Chris Holley, LCSW

Every other Tuesday
High School YearsSocial skill development

Dan Weiner, LPC

Every other Thursday at 5pm

Parenting Groups

FRDC, LLC provides a number of group therapy services in order to meet the needs of children and adolescents. The following is a list of the current groups running at FRDC, LLC. Please be aware that the status of groups (openings, time changes, etc.) can fluctuate frequently and this page may not contain the most up to date information. If you are interested in learning more about a group, please contact the therapist identified or our intake coordinator, Kathleen at

41 North Main Street, Suite 303

West Hartford, CT 06107

Ph: (860)838-4735


Emotional Functioning

Age or Grade of Group
Group FocusTherapistDays/Times

High School Co-Ed Support Group


emotional and social difficulties/coping skills

Geoff Genser, LCSW

Wednesdays at 5pm
High School Co-Ed Support Group (Juniors and Seniors)
emotional and social difficulties and planning for future

Kathleen Johndrow, LCSW

Every other Wednesday at 6:15PM

Flier: High School Support Group 

Middle School Co-Ed Support Group (6th & 7th Grade)
managing new social and emotional responsibilities and stressorsKathleen Johndrow, LCSW

​Every other Wednesday at 6:15PM

Flier: Coed Middle School Support Group

High School Age Girl's Group (15-17)education of mindfulness skills to manage stress/anxiety

Stephanie Carter, LCSW

Every other Thursday 7pm

​Flier: HS Girls Mindfulness group flyer.pdf

Young Men's Group (19-24)

emotional and social support, transition to adulthood

Geoff Genser, LCSW

Fridays at 12:00pm

Transition to Middle and High School Groups

FRDC is now enrolling new young participants in a New To Middle School Group and a New To High School Group. These transition groups have proven to be very helpful for young people entering new learning environments.  The groups will begin in late summer and continue through mid-Fall 2017.  The dates are still to be determined. For information and enrollment in the New To Middle School Group, please contact Kathleen Johndrow, LCSW at  For information about the New To High School Group, please contact Holly Monroe, LMFT at

Parenting Series-Circle of Security

Circle of Security is a relationship-based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment and security between parents and children. FRDC, LLC's expert in Circle of Security, Lauren Cardone, LCSW provides an 8 week course to teach parents the necessary skills to enhance relationships with your children, as well as your children's healthy attachment to you.  

Wednesdays from 11am-Noon:

For parents of children between the ages of 0 and 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

This group will focus on assisting you in learning how to "be with" your child during times of distress. Learning how to organize and express their feelings will also be emphasized, which will ultimately help you understand how to help your child explore their world in a secure manner. 

Wednesdays from 7-8pm:

For parents of children between the ages of 5-11

This group will focus on learning how to help your child in times of distress. Rather than "time outs" or negative interactions, Lauren will teach you to distinguish the difference between defiance and fear. Understanding this will help you fill your child's emotional needs while establishing trust, security and compliance. 
  • Cost for Circle of Security Series: $320 (individual) or $400 (couple) for 8 week course (Payment is due in full upon attendance of the first session)
  • Contact Lauren Cardone, LCSW to enroll or for any questions about the program. She can ​ be reached at 860-245-8984 or Please click here if you would like to download our flier.

Children are from Mars, Parents are from Venus

Come figure out how to be on the same planet with your child....along with other parents!

This group provides a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, allowing parents the opportunity to work closely with Lauren Cardone, LCSW  to learn the necessary skills to manage and respond effectively to our children's challenging behavior. The series will focus on the internationally acclaimed books of Ross Greene, ( The Explosive Child and Raising Human Beings) to foster these techniques while also learning and sharing with other parents.

The series will begin on April 12th at 7pm and continue to meet every three weeks. For more information or to register for the group, contact Lauren Cardone, LCSW

​Please click on this link to download the flier for this workshop: Children are from Mars Parents are from Venus.docx

Mindfulness Workshop for Parents

Mindfulness practices are effective in reducing stress, promoting health, and increasing joy in our lives. When we bring mindfulness into our parenting, life can be calmer, relationships stronger, and parenting more rewarding.   FRDC is excited to introduce these skills to parents so that they may have some important new strategies for balancing and managing symptoms of stress in their own lives.

​To learn about future dates for this training, please contact Stephanie at 860-351-3120 or

Please click on this link to download the flier for this workshop: Mindfulness for Parents Workshop.pdf